Dr. Mark Sofair-Fisch
Dr. Mark Sofair-Fisch

Dr. Mark

“Dr. Mark has helped me through very tough times in my life. His active approach, insights are right on target . . . I recommend everyone to meet with him . . . "

“With Dr. Mark’s help I have maintained sobriety . . . My life has improved tremendously . . ."

“My marriage was in shambles following an affair . . . Dr. Mark was instrumental in getting our marriage back on track . . ."

“Dr. Mark is very compassionate . . .,” “extremely caring . . .

“Dr. Mark is very accurate in his grasp of the problems and immensely helpful in the interventions that he provides . . . ”

“ . . . immensely helpful to my son, who made great progress in his school performance . . . while he was seeing Dr. Mark . . .”

“Dr. Mark has amazing insights and offers excellent advice . . . ”

“ . . . truly caring . . . very thorough . . . takes the time to really listen . . . offers great support and advice . . . ”

“ . . . Was incredibly helpful and supportive during a very difficult time in my life… . . . . After my husband left, I was filled with such sadness . . . Dr. Mark helped me get through this trauma in one piece . . . “

“Dr. Mark goes way beyond the call of duty to listen and offer support. He made sure both my wife and I were heard, so we could work out conflicts successfully . . . "

Dr. Tamara

Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch

Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch

Dr. Tamara“ . . . I want to deeply thank you for the wonderful last several months. You gave me a lot of support and strength and many things improved. . . You really listen . . . ”

“ . . . Is knowledgeable, caring and always present. Of the so many that I've had in the past she . . . stands apart.”

“ . . . Was so helpful and reassuring. My only regret is that I did not see her sooner, because I would have avoided some poor decisions . . . ”

“ . . . I am very happy with my progress. I definitely would recommend the doctor to others.”

“ . . . provided me with tremendous guidance . . . Five years later I still call upon the wisdom and support she gave me. Always professional, but with tenderness and humanity . . . ”

“ . . . Make the appointment, you owe it to yourself. Dr. Tamara will lead you to insights that will help you to vastly improve your outlook. Don't spend another day sad or angry . . . ”

“ . . . Having a better marriage, overcoming stress, and losing weight, were among the many goals I had when I walked into Dr. Tamara's office . . . Two years later I was sad to say goodbye, but thrilled that the reason I was leaving was because of being stronger and more secure about my life and marriage . . . “

“Dr. Tamara is by far the best you will get from a psychologist . . . you are going to be in the best of hands and will be looked after like a person and not like a number . . . Trust me . . . I would not have traveled almost an hour from NY to West Orange, if I did not think she was great at what she does.”

“Dr. Tamara is . . . a great listener . . . problem-solver, with an immediately solution to offer . . . an intuitive genius. …lovely personality . . . truly caring . . . great with feedback and follow-through . . . amazing how she picks up every week as if you had never stopped talking. Dr. Tamara is great for traditional therapy as well as cognitive therapy. Right at the start of our second meeting, she laid out her plan to help me . . . helped me the most, by giving me input and methods to help my thinking . . . Each of our sessions are motivating and beneficial in changing my way of handling anxiety and learning to change my obsessive thoughts.

”Dr. Tamara has a way of making you feel as if she's your advocate but without compromising the interests of your partner or spouse.”

“She Listens! Her insights and discussion really helped us to understand where we stood and what we could do to get through tough times.”

“Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch is highly skilled . . . She partners with her patients and creates a safe . . . environment in which she works with them to understand and modify behaviors both in- and outwardly. She is deeply committed to the process, is smart, has an easy, accommodating style, and a good sense of humor which is always helpful when dealing with the tough stuff. Her guidance in the area of understanding self and all the roles we fill, how we interact with others and how we are responded to, is insightful and realistic. She assists her patients in establishing a secure and healthy sense of self while improving their ability to understand and relate to others effectively. She is equally effective when working with couples and families, in that she assists in improving listening skills, interpreting and understanding individual and shared needs; and navigating through sometimes extremely difficult & deep-rooted breakdowns in communication"

"Dr. Tamara is the best! She worked with my husband and me and helped us through a terrible time in our lives. She used different approaches with each of us and instead of ending up in divorce, we actually succeeded in making our marriage work. Thanks to her we now know how to keep working and enjoy what we have! “

“Dr. Sofair-Fisch has helped me stay employed and succeed in many aspects of my life and relationships with family and friends. I have exceeded my own expectations . . . I highly recommend her services”

“Dr. Sofair-Fisch . . . outstanding therapist . . . utilizes a number of different approaches . . . critical in achieving strong results for her patients, given the reality that different patients have different challenges and manners of processing information . . . Unlike so many therapists that simply sit back and listen, Dr. Sofair-Fisch engages in a dialogue . . . often has concrete advice, perspectives and insights which I was able to utilize outside the office to right my ship . . . I am a graduate student in an MSW program and have a fairly good perspective on what makes a strong therapist . . . I believe Dr. Sofair-Fisch is exceptional.”

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