Family Therapy

Couples typically argue about:

Physical intimacy (Too little . . . too much . . . how much is the right amount?) 

  • Jealousy and infidelity (How can I trust that my partner is being faithful?) 

  • Parenting styles (One parent is too easy, the other parent is too tough . . . who’s correct?)

  • Finances (One partner is a scrooge, the other is a spender. How do you create a financial plan that honors the need to save with the need to enjoy life?)

  • In-laws (Setting boundaries with in-laws and shifting primary allegiance from the family of origin to each other is the task of early marriages and relationships. Hence, in-laws issues tend to be more prevalent in first marriages).

  • Step-children (Blending families together, balancing the needs of husbands and wives along with the needs of the children, is the difficult task to master in subsequent marriages).

Families seek help when:

  • A child or teen experiences behavioral or school problems 

  • The same arguments keep re-occurring and are never solved

  • A family member is a substance abuser

  • Domestic violence is occurring

  • Emotional pain is inflicted by verbal abuse

  • A family member is mentally or physically ill

  • The family is experiencing major life changes such as death, trauma, separation, divorce, re-location, etc . . . .

  • Blending families is creating conflict

  • Extended family conflicts are present

 Family therapy helps by providing:

  • A safe environment for all points of view to be heard, validated and considered

  • Communication skill building

  • Relationship skill building

  • Effective boundary setting and respect

  • Psycho-education about appropriate family roles and expectations

  • Wisdom and coaching from a neutral, professionally trained and highly experienced third party

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