Premarital/Singles Therapy


Selection of a love partner is the most essential life-choice we make.

It determines whether our lives will be filled with happiness, contentment, love, connection and joy or conflict, anger, depression, worry, loneliness and divorce. So, what makes for a right or wrong choice? 

Some choices are definitely wrong for your future well-being:

  • A physically and/or mentally abusive partner.
  • A partner who always makes excuses for all their “problems.”
  • Someone who lacks empathy.
  • Someone who has an active addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or excessive spending and refuses to seek help.

Many choices present “red flags” that indicate issues need to be explored, to determine if the relationship is a good “fit” for the future. 

  • Do you and your partner argue a great deal?talking therapy couple
  • Does your partner ever assume responsibility for problems in the relationship?
  • Does one person repeatedly sacrifice their needs to keep the peace?
  • Does your partner always blame you?
  • Does your partner try and isolate you from your friends and family?
  • Do your close friends and family like and approve of the relationship?
  • Do you handle finances in a similar way?
  • What are your goals and dreams for the future?

More and more couples invest in pre-marital counseling, realizing that it allows the couple to explore and learn about important issues and skills that will enhance their future together.  


Can't find a partner?

Believe it or not, the first step to finding a wonderful partner is working on yourself. The more emotionally healthy you are, the better you will be at connecting with healthier people. You will begin to create a vision of you in a healthy relationship. You will gain confidence and will be freed to learn and try new behaviors that will optimize your ability to meet worthy potential partners. You will learn:

  • The most essential skills for dating in a healthy manner
  • To understand your unhealthy, unconscious attractions to romantic partners
  • To understand how your family of origin affects your attractions to romantic partners
  • Learn specific, practical information on where and how to meet as many dating partners as you like!
  • Learn to recognize red flags (and fatal flaws!) in dating partners quickly, and how best to respond to them
  • Learn the healthiest way to deal with sexual and financial issues in dating
  • The most common mistakes people make in early dating relationships
  • Learn how to assess compatibility and health in a dating relationship
  • How to successfully use Internet personal ads in finding a compatible partner

Let us help you in this endeavor, as we have a great track record in helping people learn to like themselves, leading them to attract like-minded partners

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