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Dr. Tamara

Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch
Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch
 Dr. Tamara Sofair-Fisch, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist who is licensed in the state of New Jersey (35S100165100) and who has 30+ years of experience in private practice. She obtained her Doctorate and Master’s degrees from Northern Illinois University, a program which is credentialed and approved by the American Psychological Association. She was a psychology intern and later chief psychology resident at Northwestern University Medical School’s Institute of Psychiatry, also a program that was approved by APA. She also spent two years training at Northwestern's Institute for Family Studies. Her BA was obtained from New York University.
Upon completion of her graduate training, Dr. Tamara was a psychological associate at Rider College. Within a few years, however, she began practicing privately, and has done so exclusively since 1985. Dr. Tamara has had excellent successes treating many couples, families and individuals. She has developed a unique treatment modality: Mapping and Mastery of your Inner World-An innovative approach to achieving self-empowerment. She has presented her concepts to both professional colleagues and lay audiences. Both types of audiences have received her talks very favorably. Feel free to contact Dr. Tamara about the possibility of her speaking to your organization.

Professional Organizations/ Affiliations:

National Register for Psychologists

American Psychological Association

NJ Psychological Association

Mercer Psychological Association

Essex Union Counties Association for Psychologists

For more information on Dr. Tamara’s Licensure, Education, Training, Areas of Expertise, and Theoretical Orientation, visit the National Register Online Searchable Database.

Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark Sofair-Fisch
Dr. Mark Sofair-Fisch
Dr. Mark Sofair-Fisch, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist who is licensed in the State of New Jersey (35S10043250). He is also licensed as a Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor (NJ Lic # 37LC00043500).

Dr. Mark obtained his Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from the New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science in New York, NY. This graduate training program is credentialed and approved by the American Psychological Association. He also spent two years training at Northwestern University Medical Institute Center for Family Studies in Chicago, IL. He obtained his BA from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Dr.  Mark has directed four major outpatient clinics over the past 30 years. He has extensive experience in treating adults, teens and children, both individually and as families. In addition, he has taught and trained many graduate and medical students. He also achieved Joint Commission Accreditation for three systems: Sunrise House Foundation (accreditation with commendation); UMDNJ/University Hospital Outpatient Addictions Rehabilitation Services; and Northern Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (the Joint Commission requested to use our outpatient manual as a national model).

Dr. Mark also has extensive experience working with geriatric individuals.

Many of his clients describe Dr. Mark as “very compassionate…,” “extremely caring…, and in the words of one client, “very accurate in his grasp of the problems and immensely helpful in the interventions that he provides.”Dr. Mark and Dr. Tamara have been married for over 30 years and have two sons and two daughters in law.